Facebook user who doctored City Harvest news article apologises after AGC writes to him

Facebook user who doctored City Harvest news article apologises after AGC writes to him

Wanbao collage
Front page of Lianhe Wanbao (left) and doctored front page circulated on Feb 2, 2018. (Image: MHA)

SINGAPORE: A man who published a doctored picture of a news report about the City Harvest case has apologised on social media, after the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) said it had written to him

Mr Neo Aik Chau published a post on a Facebook group last Friday (Feb 2), making reference to the widely publicised decision of the Court of Appeal ruling in favour of the accused people involved with City Harvest Church on Thursday. 

The post featured a doctored front page image of local Chinese tabloid Lianhe Wanbao. The original title of “Outdated law 'saved' the accused from harsher penalties” had been changed to “PAP lawyer 'saved' the accused from harsher penalties".

In a statement on Monday, AGC said it will take firm action against contempt of court, including the institution of committal proceedings in appropriate instances.

Speaking in Parliament earlier on Monday, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam had also said of the post: "This sort of attack based on deliberate faking is quite unacceptable. I cannot see how any reasonable person will justify such faking as a legitimate expression of free speech.”

Mr Neo said in a post in Mandarin on his personal Facebook page on Tuesday: "I was wrong! I'm sorry! It was unintentional! I want everything to be fair and just! I was really wrong! I was just speaking bluntly without thinking! I swear not to post anything like this again! Forgive me!"

He also apologised on at least two Facebook groups. On one of them, he said: "I was wrong! But it was really unintentional! From today onwards I'll just silently watch! Sorry everyone! Sorry."

In another, the Facebook user attributed his actions to his horoscope, saying that because he is a Libra he just wants everything to be fair and just. 

Source: CNA/mz