Foreign executive on trial for sexually assaulting son’s friend during sleepover

Foreign executive on trial for sexually assaulting son’s friend during sleepover

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A person in handcuffs. (File photo: Reuters)

SINGAPORE: A 47-year-old father of three is on trial for molesting and sexually assaulting a nine-year-old boy, a friend of his youngest son, at a sleepover at his home on Oct 31, 2015.

The foreign executive faces one count of aggravated molest and two counts of aggravated sexual assault, charges he denied at the opening of his trial on Tuesday (Oct 3).

He cannot be named due to a gag order. 

After a Halloween party and trick-or-treating, the accused told his son and the victim to go to bed at about 10.30pm.

At about 11.15pm, the man entered his son’s bedroom to check if the boys were asleep.

The victim knew his friend had fallen asleep, and feigned sleep when he heard the accused come in, deputy public prosecutor Christina Koh said in an opening statement.

Thinking the victim was asleep, the accused stood on the lower bunk, where his son was sleeping, to reach the victim on the upper bunk.

The man allegedly spread the victim’s legs and molested him before leaving the room, Ms Koh said.

He returned a short while later to sexually assault the victim by putting the boy’s penis into his mouth.

The man left the room and returned a third time to assault the boy again, Ms Koh told the court.

After the accused left, the victim packed his belongings and went to the man’s bedroom, where the accused was using his laptop.

The boy said he felt ill and wanted to go home. The accused’s wife called the victim’s father, who came to pick him up.

The boy confided in his father, asking him to promise not to tell anyone, Ms Koh said.

However, the father confronted the accused immediately, while the victim, who was scared, hid in the car.

The fathers argued, and the accused denied the allegations, saying he had been in his bedroom on his laptop.

The victim’s father made a police report on Nov 2, 2015, the High Court heard.


Sixteen witnesses will testify for the prosecution, including an officer from the police’s Technology Crime Branch, who will testify that the first time the accused logged in to his laptop and accessed the Internet that night was at 11.21pm.

The first witness for the prosecution was Assistant Superintendent Then Lee Yong, who said that the victim had told investigators that the accused had been on the upper bunk "with three kids" - him and two other boys.

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Selva K Naidu, ASP Then testified the “experiments” conducted on the bunk bed had included a test to ascertain whether it could hold the weight of the accused and three children.

The “experiments” on the bunk bed also showed it was "able to withstand the (man’s) weight without collapsing", prosecutors said.

However, ASP Then admitted the guard rail, bedsheets and mattress were never examined for the man’s DNA or fingerprints.

She insisted that, since it was the accused’s house, “naturally his fingerprints would be (present)”.

However, Mr Naidu said his client had never touched the top bunk, as his son always slept in the bottom one.

The alleged victim’s pajamas was also not tested for DNA or face paint. The accused had dressed up for Halloween and had painted his face, the lawyer said, showing photographs to Justice See Kee Oon.

ASP Then said the victim’s pajamas were not tested for DNA or face paint because his father had washed them before he made the police report on Nov 2.

The victim, now 11, is expected to testify via video link. His parents will also testify behind closed doors.

The trial continues on Wednesday.