Foreign workers hailed for moving car stuck on stairs at Waterway Point

Foreign workers hailed for moving car stuck on stairs at Waterway Point

foreign workers pushing car waterway point
A group of foreign workers helped push a car off a staircase and back to the pavement at Waterway Point on Thursday (Sep 21). (Photo: Facebook/Garett Lim)

SINGAPORE: Foreign workers that banded together to help move a stuck car have been lauded for their actions after a passer-by caught their act of kindness on camera. 

Actor Garett Lim was out for a jog on Thursday evening (Sep 21) when he heard a loud crash at about 6.40pm. A silver Honda had made a wrong turn while at Waterway Point in Punggol and ended up on a flight of stairs.

"Me and a few others, we started to take out our phones and took some pictures of the scene," Mr Lim told Channel NewsAsia. 

At the time, about three foreign workers tried moving the car but were not able to, he said. He added that he saw them taking out their mobile phones as well and thought they would like to document the incident too. 

However, as it turns out, they were calling for reinforcements. At about 7pm, at least 10 more workers turned up at the mall to help move the car.

The actor shared the scene in a Facebook post which quickly made the rounds, garnering more than 1,300 shares since it was posted at about 7pm. 

In his video, at least 16 foreign workers were seen working together to move the vehicle. Someone was heard shouting: "Leg! Leg! Watch out!" 

Thanks to the workers' efforts, the car was eventually moved to the driveway. 

"Salute you guys!!! These are the very people who helped construct our skylines (sic) but yet are being unappreciated by some in our society," Mr Lim wrote. 

Car Waterway Point
Security at the site where a car slipped off the pavement and onto the steps at Waterway Point on Thursday (Sep 21). (Photo: Facebook/Garett Lim)

Netizens also praised the foreign workers for their kind deed. 

Mr Lim said what struck him most about the incident was the workers' readiness to help while other passers-by stood aside. 

"These construction workers ... they could've said: 'After a hard day's work, I don't (want to) bother'. But they gathered help automatically and tried to do whatever it takes to help the driver (who was) in distress," he said. 

After the car was freed from the staircase, Mr Lim said the workers simply smiled at each other and walked off. "It's like it's just a part of their lives - it's nothing special," he said. "I've watched so many superhero movies. I think they're the real superheroes because they don't expect anything in return." 

"It gives me a new level of appreciation for what they have done," he added. "All human beings are the same regardless of race, and what we can do to make the world a bit better is to be nice to one another, and help each other in any way we can." 

Source: CNA/dl