Galaxy Note 7 customers can apply for exchanges, refunds from Oct 26: Samsung

Galaxy Note 7 customers can apply for exchanges, refunds from Oct 26: Samsung

Samsung says it will issue cheques for full refunds as well as the price difference of exchanged devices.

Samsung Electronics announced a week ago that it was discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 after a chaotic

SINGAPORE: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 customers in Singapore can apply for refunds or exchanges online from Oct 26 to Nov 6, Samsung Electronics Singapore announced on Tuesday (Oct 18).

The company has asked customers to power down and stop using the device over concerns that its battery could catch fire. It first announced it would offer refunds and exchanges to customers in the island-state last week.

According to a press release by the tech firm on Tuesday, the Galaxy Note 7 retails for S$1,168, and customers who choose to exchange their device for a Galaxy S7 edge, which has a retail price of S$1,098, will receive a cheque of S$250 in addition to their new device. Those who opt for a refund will receive a cheque for the full retail value of the Galaxy Note 7.

Both options are available to all Galaxy Note 7 customers, regardless of where they purchased their original devices, and do not affect any pre-existing contract that they have with telcos, Samsung added.

Samsung Concierge customers who opt to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 devices for the Galaxy S7 edge will have their Samsung Concierge services transferred to their new devices and updated to take effect from the date of the exchange. Those who choose to receive a refund for their Galaxy Note 7s will receive a refund of S$38 for the Samsung Concierge service in cheque, the company added.

In the press release, the company said it would also refund the retail value of original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 accessories that are returned, including:

  • Galaxy Note 7 S View Standing Cover
  • Galaxy Note 7 Clear View Cover
  • Galaxy Note 7 LED View Cover
  • Galaxy Note 7 Leather Cover
  • Galaxy Note 7 Clear Cover
  • Galaxy Note 7 Keyboard Cover
  • Galaxy Note 7 Back Pack

Customers can indicate their preferences for refunds and deliveries and provide their details for a free home delivery during the specified time period, the company said. The home delivery service applies to both exchanges and refunds, and customers will receive cheques for the amounts due to them on the spot, in exchange for their original Note 7 devices and accessories, it added.

Consumers can call 1800-SAMSUNG (7267864) for further assistance.

Source: CNA/mz