Priyageetha Dia, Singapore artist behind 'golden staircase', hangs flags at HDB

Priyageetha Dia, Singapore artist behind 'golden staircase', hangs flags at HDB

Singapore artist hangs gold-coloured sheets at HDB block in Jalan Rajah
Singapore artist Priyageetha Dia's gold-coloured sheets hanging at an HDB block in Jalan Rajah. (Photo: Priyageetha Dia/Facebook)

SINGAPORE: The artist who pasted gold foil on a staircase at Block 103 Jalan Rajah in March last year has now hung gold coloured sheets on the parapets of the same HDB block. 

Ms Priyageetha Dia, a former Lasalle College of the Arts student, posted a video and a photo of her latest art installation on Facebook on Monday (Mar 19), showing the shiny sheets being hung on each floor of the building, except for the ground level. There are 24 pieces altogether.  

A separate post on Tuesday (Mar 20) was accompanied by a short poem, which said: "Along the vertical axis/dividing walls/in monochrome hues of cerulean/lies a shy calling/catching the odd rays of light/glistening and blinding away from the grey."

Ms Priyageetha told Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday that she had put up the sheets on Sunday. 

"It’s more an idea of provoking the HDB space," the 26-year-old said. "You could either look at them as flags or just blankets hanging."

She added that she has not reached out to Jalan Besar Town Council prior to her latest work and will remove the sheets "if there is any authoritative intervention".

Last year, Ms Priyageetha pasted gold foil on a staircase at the same HDB block, an act which the town council deemed as "unauthorised" and "not permissible".

She eventually removed it.

Source: CNA/na