Good Shepherd Loft nursing home's licence renewed for 6 months: MOH

Good Shepherd Loft nursing home's licence renewed for 6 months: MOH

The nursing home had its licence shortened after authorities found that it had repeatedly breached safety standards on administering insulin injections.

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SINGAPORE: A nursing home in Bukit Timah has had its licence renewed for six months after it faced possible closure in November 2016 for breaching safety standards, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Thursday (Feb 23).

The Good Shepherd Loft nursing home had its licence shortened to Nov 28, 2016, after authorities found that nursing aides at the facility had repeatedly administered insulin injections to residents. Such injections should only be done by a registered nurse.

Following an appeal by Good Shepherd Loft, MOH extended the nursing home's licence for three months, subject to remedial measures being done to strengthen the nursing home’s care system to ensure patient safety.

The latest licence renewal comes after inspections of the nursing home in January, ahead of the expiry of its three-month licence in end-February, the ministry said.

It observed that the nursing home has worked to improve and met the nursing home licensing terms and conditions.

The ministry noted, however, that there were still areas of improvement such as staff training and medication management.

During its extended operation period, the nursing home is required to continue regular peer audits to assure patient safety and share these audit reports with the Health Ministry, it added.

Source: CNA/mz