Grab hit by technical issue during Thursday morning rush hour

Grab hit by technical issue during Thursday morning rush hour

Grab app
Screengrab of the Grap app on Mar 1, 2018.

SINGAPORE: Ride-hailing app Grab was hit by a technical issue during the Thursday morning (Mar 1) rush hour affecting its GrabPay mobile wallet payment system.

"We're experiencing a technical issue and may only be able to accept cash rides right now," read a notification on the app. 

The issue affected Grab users across the region, with those in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam complaining about issues with the app.

Grab screengrab payment down

In a Facebook post at 8.25am, the company said its engineers were looking into the issue and "we expect to be back up in 30 minutes".

In an update at about 9.20am, Grab apologised for the inconvenience.

"You can now book rides using cash and GrabPay linked cards. We are still working on GrabPay Credits and Rewards," the company said.

"Rest assured your balances will reappear in app once we do!"

In a response to queries from Channel NewsAsia, Grab said that a technical issue had interrupted its service this morning.

"The Grab app is back online and customers can book rides using cash and GrabPay-linked cards," a Grab spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that GrabPay Credits and Rewards features would be "restored shortly".

Grab Malaysia also tweeted a response and apology following complaints about the technical glitch.

"We had a technical issue this morning that interrupted our service," Grab Malayasia said in the tweet.


Grab Indonesia and Grab Vietnam also posted similar messages on their Facebook page.

In an update on Facebook at 11.07am, Grab said it had "resolved all issues" and that customers could resume booking with all types of payment.

Commuters took to social media to express their frustration, on a morning that also saw delays on the Downtown Line due to a signalling fault.

"Hello grab! I already put money in my credits last night and now i can’t get to work!" wrote Facebook user Marr Sakiynah R Giri.

"My wallet credits are all gone! Is this supposed to be normal?" wrote another Facebook user Andrew Tan. In another Facebook comment he added that ride prices had surged to "unusually high" figures.

"S$42 instead of the usual S$14. Is Grab capitalising on such an opportunity?" he wrote.

Twitter user Ifrah Ashiblie wrote that when she tried to use GrabPay, there were "errors galore".

"I was forced to use Uber," she said.

Drivers also took to social media to complain about a lack of passengers and problems with their driver's wallets.

"I had more than S$90 in my GrabHitch driver's wallet last night. I did not cash out. Today becomes S$0 with no past transactions found. Ride history remains though," wrote Ng Soo Horng in a post on a Facebook community page for GrabHitch drivers. 

He posted a screengrab showing a virtual wallet without any funds in it.

Another Grab driver who did not want to be named said he was affected by the technical issues since he started driving at around 6am. He said he was not able to get any passengers until about three hours later.

"It's not hard, it's impossible" said Grab driver Wenxuan Su, when asked by Channel NewsAsia if the technical issues had affected his ability to get passengers.

The 39-year-old said he had not been able to log in to the app between 6.30am and 8.30am.

"Unable to login to driver’s app, can’t receive job," he said.

Source: CNA/nc