Beware of fake SMS, calls, emails on GST Voucher cash payouts: MOF

Beware of fake SMS, calls, emails on GST Voucher cash payouts: MOF

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SINGAPORE: Eligible Singaporeans who will receive their 2018 GST Voucher (GSTV) cash payouts this month should be wary of receiving fake SMSes, calls or emails regarding the payment. 

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Aug 1) that the SMS should come from sender "GSTV", adding that the text will not ask for any information. 

It also posted an infographic on what recipients should look out for in telling an official SMS apart from a fake one.

About 1.39 million eligible citizens will receive up to S$300 in GSTV – Cash this month. 

Those who have registered their mobile number with SingPass will receive an SMS notification from Wednesday, said MOF. 

For recipients who have chosen direct bank crediting, they will be informed when the amount has been transferred into the account. 

Meanwhile, those who opted to receive the payout via cheque will be notified when the cheque has been mailed out, said MOF. For this group of recipients, their SMS notification will include a website link to allow users to update their bank account details for direct transfer in future.

Those who are unsure about the authenticity of the SMS their receive can call the National Crime Prevention Council's anti-scam hotline at 1800-722-6688, the ministry added.

Source: CNA/ad/(gs)