Hong Kah North launches campaign to encourage residents to go green

Hong Kah North launches campaign to encourage residents to go green

Smart bins that can alert cleaners when they are full will be installed in parts of the constituency.

Hong Kah North smart bins

SINGAPORE: The Hong Kah North constituency is ramping up efforts to encourage residents to be more eco-friendly, generate less food waste and reduce carbon emissions, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor said on Sunday (Dec 20).

Under an initiative launched on Sunday, the Hong Kah North Grassroots Organisations will install smart bins in parts of the constituency. Alerts via text messages or email will be automatically sent to companies and cleaners when the bins are full. This helps save on manpower and reduce carbon footprint as the bins are only checked when required.

To intensify efforts at getting residents to generate less waste, recycling bins will also be placed in the Hong Kah North Community Club, said Dr Khor, who is the MP for the constituency.

Also launched on Sunday was the Hong Kah North Eco Community Fund, with a sum of S$23,000. The fund aims to help develop environmentally-friendly habits among young residents. Schools in the area will be able to tap on the fund if they have proposals for green projects.

An average of 20,600 tonnes of waste is generated every day in Singapore.

Source: CNA/cy