Hungry for more: Free mini Trump-Kim burgers draw eager crowd

Hungry for more: Free mini Trump-Kim burgers draw eager crowd

People queue for Trump-Kim burger giveaway

SINGAPORE: As US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sat down for their working lunch comprising western and Asian dishes at the Capella hotel on Tuesday (Jun 12), a queue of at least 20 people had formed outside the Royal Plaza on Scotts eager for a taste of the action - more specifically the free mini Trump-Kim Burger.

The burger giveaway at noon was the hotel’s way of commemorating the historic meeting between Trump and Kim - the first ever between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader.

The buzz surrounding the summit has grown steadily since last week, with local businesses capitalizing on the hype. 

Among the offerings have been the Trump-Kim Chi Nasi Lemak, the El Trumpo (Cheeseburger) and Rocket Man (Korean Fried Chicken) tacos, as well as the “Bromance”, a pair of drinks consisting of Asahi beer, diet Coke, Tequila and white grape soju, created by local bar Hopheads as a tribute to the Singapore summit.

A promotional event with Trump and Kim lookalikes Howard X and Dennis Alan on Saturday (Jun 9) saw hundreds of Singaporeans turn up at Bugis Junction, with some even forking out S$15 for pictures with the lookalikes.

Retiree Sue Dharan was the first in line for the free burgers, having queued for close to 30 minutes. “I hope it (the meeting) is something to benefit the whole world as we work towards peace and a better world for our younger generation,” she told Channel NewsAsia.

“I’m looking at the positive side of things, and from what I’ve read, it seems that the one-on-one meeting was very, very good from Mr Trump’s point of view,” she said. “We should be very proud of this moment because it’s a once-in-a lifetime one.”

trump-kim burger closeup
(Photo: Matthew Mohan)

Consisting of minced chicken and kimchi patty, seaweed, the mini Trump-Kim burger was a hit with most, with the 250 burgers to be given away snapped up within 20 minutes.

“We wanted to celebrate ‘Summit Day’ with Singaporeans and tourists,” said Royal Plaza on Scotts general manager Patrick Fiat. “It is a fusion, a start of a new friendship, a balance between North Korea and the US living in harmony, (displayed through) food and the summit.” 

The hotel had earlier in the week launched the Trump-Kim Burger and the Summit Iced Tea, priced at S$12 and S$6 respectively, in commemoration of the summit.

Student Ric Chan travelled from Sengkang to sample the free mini-burger. “It tastes a little spicy, but overall it’s really good and tasty, “said Mr Chan, who came dressed in a black DMZ t-shirt with flags of both North and South Korea.

Student Ric Chan with free Trump-Kim burger
(Photo: Matthew Mohan)

Another passer-by who only wanted to be known as Mr Chan C S, happened to be in the area and decided to queue for the mini Trump-Kim burger, just before the giveaway ended.

His verdict? “It’s complimentary, so no complaints!”

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Source: CNA/ms