IDA to call for proposals for eSIM trials

IDA to call for proposals for eSIM trials

Embedded SIM cards can be permanently fixed to equipment such as sensors and over-the-air mobile subscription would mean users do not have to change SIM cards if they want to use a different service provider.

SINGAPORE: The Infocomm Development Authority will issue a Request for Proposals for a trial on over-the-air mobile subscription for embedded SIMs. Otherwise known as eSIMs, they are SIM cards that are permanently fixed to equipment, like sensors.

The trial will be conducted with national water agency PUB, which currently has sensors that have embedded SIM cards. These help transmit data or send messages from the sensor to its operations centre.

Currently, SIM cards are tied to a mobile network provider - meaning one would have to change their SIM card, if they wanted to use a different service provider.

Under the trial, switches in network providers will be made "over-the-air", without having to change the embedded SIM card.

This will let IDA understand the technical capabilities and challenges of such technology, as well as allow mobile network operators to understand the requirements and challenges in providing such over-the-air services. It will also allow IDA to identify possible security challenges.

The Request for Proposals is likely to be issued this week.

Source: CNA/xq