In pictures: 3D printers and the RoboUniverse

In pictures: 3D printers and the RoboUniverse

Robot makers and 3D printing services converge at an exhibition by Inside 3D Printing and RoboUniverse Singapore at the Suntec Convention Centre.

3d mickey (1)

SINGAPORE: As companies in Singapore look to advanced manufacturing, robot makers and 3D printing providers converged at an exhibition held by Inside 3D Printing and RoboUniverse Singapore at the Suntec Convention Centre on Friday (Jan 26).

The event had robots for home, education and business use, as well as 3D printers and services on display. The event also had an international lineup of speakers and exhibitors.

3d jason and bb8

A 3D-printed replica of the Star Wars character BB8. It took about a month to make, according to its designer Jason Loo.


Autonomous robot Lynx uses technology similar to those found in robotic vacuum cleaners. It can be used to transport items around by scanning an area with lasers, and getting programmed to move to certain locations. In a hotel, Lynx can latch on to a cart of dirty linen from each floor and push it back to the central laundry area, so that housekeeping staff can focus on cleaning rooms.

3D mobile

3d mobile 1

This prototype of a mobile phone 3D printer by a Taiwanese uses photo-polymers to print out any item displayed on a mobile phone. The image on the phone is scanned and cross-referenced with a similar image in a cloud server before the item is printed out.

3d helical

One of the benefits of 3D-printing technology is the ability to reduce waste material. This 3D-printed model of a helical gear can be created with layers, so it only uses required material and creates minimal waste. Found in electrical motors, helical gears produce less sound, less vibrations and are more durable, making them preferable to commonly-used straight gears.

3d printing dental

3d dental mould

This made-in-Singapore 3D printer is targeted at the dental industry. It allows dentists to print teeth moulds for their patients immediately, cutting time and cost needed to get them made overseas.

The exhibition runs until Wednesday.

Source: CNA/sg