KFC looking into straw dispenser photographed on restaurant counter

KFC looking into straw dispenser photographed on restaurant counter

Straw dispenser at kfc
A straw dispenser was photographed at a KFC outlet. (Photo: Facebook)

SINGAPORE: Straws are not back at KFC outlets, the fast-food chain said on Thursday (Oct 11), after a straw dispenser was photographed on the counter of a KFC outlet and shared online.

A few months after KFC Singapore's commitment to stop providing plastic caps and straws, a straw dispenser was pictured beside a sign with the words "say no to straws". It was uploaded onto Facebook on Wednesday.

Paper cups with the KFC logo can be seen in the background of the picture.

In an email to Channel NewsAsia, KFC said it was aware of the Facebook post, and it will work with its restaurants to reinforce its No Straw Initiative, which started in June.

"We are aware of the picture circulating online and are currently in the midst of verifying the circumstance," said the fast food giant.

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"As we continue to provide straws to guests who require one, including people with disabilities, elderly and young children, our restaurants do still keep some straws in a dispenser for these guests upon request."

However, KFC said the placement of the plastic straw dispenser on the counter is against its guidelines.

"KFC maintains our stand on going strawless and making an ecological change, one straw at a time," it added.

Source: CNA/ic(hm)