Case of man putting kitten in washing machine, freezer being looked into: AVS

Case of man putting kitten in washing machine, freezer being looked into: AVS

Kitten filmed in washing machine, freezer
Screengrabs of the kitten in the washing machine and freezer. (Photos: Facebook/Annamia Zazali Mazlan) 

SINGAPORE: The Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) said on Wednesday (Sep 16) that it was "looking into the case" after a man filmed himself putting a kitten in a washing machine and a freezer. 

Replying to CNA's queries, AVS group director Jessica Kwok said that the agency has been alerted to the incident. 

"The AVS ... is concerned to learn of the incident in which a man appears to have placed his cat in various household appliances. We are looking into the case," added Ms Kwok.

In a video circulating on Facebook, a kitten is seen being placed inside a freezer. The freezer door is then closed with the animal still inside. 

In another video, a similar-looking kitten is also seen through the door of a washing machine. The person filming the video can be heard laughing as the animal tries to get out of the machine, before he opens the machine door.

"AVS takes all feedback received from the public on animal cruelty seriously, and will look into the cases reported," said the agency. 

"As with all investigations, all forms of evidence are critical to the process and photographic and/or video-graphic evidence provided by the public will help."

Members of the public can alert the AVS of any suspected cases of animal cruelty by using the feedback form on its website or calling 1800-476-1600. 

Source: CNA/ad