Largest scale of indoor fireworks prepared for NDP2016

Largest scale of indoor fireworks prepared for NDP2016

A traditional crowd favourite, the fireworks finale will be largely held indoors.

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SINGAPORE: Come Aug 9, Singaporeans can expect the largest scale of indoor fireworks at the National Stadium as the National Day Parade (NDP) makes its return to Kallang after a decade.

The fireworks finale, which is traditionally a crowd favourite, will be largely held indoors. This is the first time the parade will have indoor fireworks.

The fireworks will be five times the scale of those set off during the opening and closing of the 2015 Southeast Asian Games. The pyrotechnics will also go on throughout the two-and-a-half hour show.

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A team of 50 people prepare the fireworks over a period of four days before each performance.

There are concerns that the fireworks will lead to a build-up of smoke indoors, but the NDP fireworks committee said fans will be set up around the stage to help with ventilation.

“The topmost consideration for us would be safety for the audience and the performer,” said ME4 Joel Li, Chief Safety Officer of NDP2016’s fireworks committee.

“Indoor fireworks have been cleared by an independent safety board and many safety measures have been put into place. For example, a safety distance between the fireworks positioned and to the audience, as well as the performer is to be enforced on the ground. On top of that, we also do air quality measurement and sound level tests to make sure everything is safe for everyone inside the stadium."

Source: CNA/lc