Leadership changes at Mediacorp

Leadership changes at Mediacorp

Deputy CEO and chief customer officer Chang Long Jong has resigned and is serving his three-month notice period. Ms Debra Soon will fill the position of chief customer officer, announced Mediacorp's CEO Shaun Seow in a memo to staff.

Chang Long Jong and Debra Soon

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp's deputy CEO and chief customer officer Chang Long Jong has resigned and is serving his three-month notice period.

This was announced in a memo to staff on Monday (Jan 9) by Mediacorp's CEO Shaun Seow who said that the position of deputy CEO will not be filled. He added that the post of chief customer officer will be taken by Ms Debra Soon who is also head of the Family (English) and Premier Segments.

"I’ve worked closely with Long Jong over the last five years and will certainly miss his wise counsel. Many of our colleagues have also benefited from his generous guidance and calm coaching," said Mr Seow. "In the last few years, Long Jong has worked tirelessly to help our next generation of leaders build new businesses for Mediacorp. His hard work and significant contributions will have a lasting impact," he added.

Mr Chang has been with the company for more than 30 years. He joined what was then the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in 1985.

"Mediacorp will always have a special place in my heart. The last 31 years have been an exhilarating and fulfilling journey," said Mr Chang. "I want to thank the many wonderful colleagues I’ve worked with over the years - I will always admire them for their passion, creativity and sheer determination in producing and delivering the best and getting things done even under the most challenging circumstances. Working in this great company has been the opportunity of a lifetime.”

He added: "Under Shaun’s strong leadership, Mediacorp is reinventing itself to stay relevant to today’s audiences and I am privileged to have helped steer the transformation with him. Moving forward, I have complete confidence in Debra’s ability to lead the Customer Group and deliver results that matter to our clients."

Describing Ms Soon as a top broadcast journalist in her early career who has been groomed for higher responsibilities in recent years, Mr Seow said: "I’m glad she has risen to the challenge and made a successful switch from the factual to the fictional side of the house." He added that her "mix of strategic vision, passion and customer-centricity makes her the natural choice for the role of chief customer officer”.

Commenting on her new challenge, Ms Soon said: “I am grateful for the many opportunities and the trust given to me by Shaun, our chairman Mr Ernest Wong, the Board and my colleagues over the years. Shaun and Long Jong have been my mentors and I have learned much from them over the years, especially from their leadership and humility."

She noted that "the media industry is always exciting and in constant flux" and that the company has to "be at the forefront of those changes and rise to new challenges".

"I will do my best to ensure our customer segments and platforms work together to deliver a great experience for our audiences, clients and partners," added Ms Soon.

Source: CNA/gs