Learn more about the Istana through mobile, augmented reality trails

Learn more about the Istana through mobile, augmented reality trails

Istana Labour Day 2017 pic
File photo of the Istana. (Photo: Elizabeth Neo)

SINGAPORE: Three new augmented reality trails were launched on Wednesday (Jun 14) to help people learn more about the history of the Istana, through a mobile app. 

The Presidents’ Trail, the Istana Heritage Gallery Trail and the Istana Park Trail are part of efforts to make the Istana more accessible to the public, said the President's Office in a news release.

With the help of GPS tracking, users will be able to access information about specific elements along the trails, solve in-app puzzles and watch videos related to these elements.  

The President's Trail, for instance, covers seven key locations within central Singapore, each telling the story of a different Singapore President. 

The Istana Heritage Gallery Trail showcases the Istana's history through interactive elements that allow visitors to learn more about the state artefacts, artworks and state gifts on display at the gallery, while the Istana Park Trail takes visitors on a tour of the flora and fauna in the park. 

Students from Temasek Polytechnic and Yusof Ishak Secondary School collaborated with the President's Office on the President's Trail, while the other two trails were developed by students from the Singapore Management University. 

All three trails are available through the LocoMole app, which can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.

Istana Trails

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President Tony Tan Keng Yam, who launched the trails on Wednesday said he hopes the trails would make the visitor experience more real.

"We will continue to come up with new ideas in order to make Istana and the history of Singapore more relevant, because it's very important for young people to know not only where we are now, but also our past history, past developments," he added.

Source: CNA/mz