Loansharks using dating sites to pick up 'runners': Police

Loansharks using dating sites to pick up 'runners': Police

SINGAPORE: Unlicensed moneylenders have been using a new tactic in which they make use of unsuspecting social media users to harass debtors, said the police on Wednesday (Dec 20).

The loansharks would pose as women on matchmaking, dating or social networking sites such as OKCupid and Locanto to look for male partners. They would then direct the unsuspecting men to meet at addresses belonging to the debtors, by giving the impression that they would be meeting their date.

The men, clueless about what was really happening, were also instructed to take photos and videos at the door to make sure that they were at the correct address.

The loansharks would then send an alert to the debtors, saying that their runners were there to harass them.

In its advisory, the police said users of social networking sites should take the following measures to prevent falling victim to such tactics:

  • Be wary when befriending unknown people on matchmaking, dating or social networking websites
  • If in doubt of the other party’s intentions to have a meet-up, do not agree to their requests
  • Arrange for meet-ups at a public area

Members of the public can also call the police or the X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664 if they suspect or know of anyone who could be involved in loansharking activities.

Source: CNA/zl