LTA revises road works permit fee structure to ease traffic

LTA revises road works permit fee structure to ease traffic

The new fee structure will impose a daily rate on top of the existing S$165 flat rate for road work applications.

SINGAPORE: To encourage more efficient road works and minimise traffic disruptions, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will revise its fee structure for road work applications.

In a fact sheet issued to the media on Thursday (Mar 30), LTA said the new fee structure will take effect from Jul 1 this year and aims to encourage agencies and service providers to plan their road works schedule more efficiently so as to minimise inconvenience to public transport users and motorists.

Road works are carried out to install, maintain or repair utility lines such as electrical cables or gas pipes beneath the roads.

Currently, the authority charges a flat rate of S$165 for each application regardless of the time taken and the amount of road space affected.

"Road works carried out on extended stretches of roads and/or over long periods of time can impede traffic flow and increase travel time," it said.

The revised fee structure will introduce a time-based and distance-based fee for road works requiring lane closures.

Road works fee structure

(Table: LTA)

The authority said the changes aim to encourage agencies, telecoms and utilities service providers to limit the affected areas and to complete their road works within the shortest possible time and preferably during off-peak hours.

According to the new fee structure, road works carried out during peak hours will incur higher fees and there will be a maximum permit period of three weeks and maximum lane closure length of 300m. Road work applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the proposed start of the works.

Should applicants fail to complete the road works within the time duration approved in the permit, they will have to pay an additional administrative fee of S$165 as well as the daily charge for the extended period of time requested, LTA said, explaining that this is to encourage proper planning.

Source: CNA/mz