Singapore Zoo's Lucy the giraffe dies in childbirth

Singapore Zoo's Lucy the giraffe dies in childbirth

Lucy the Giraffe 4
Lucy the giraffe was expected to give birth at the end of January, but died in childbirth on Feb 5. (Photo: Facebook / Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

SINGAPORE: Singapore Zoo's Lucy the giraffe died on Tuesday (Feb 5) after going into cardiac arrest while attempting to deliver her first calf, said Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

Earlier on Tuesday, WRS said in a Facebook post that Lucy was not able to deliver naturally and that the "chance for survival of the foetus (was) near zero".

As such, vets and keepers decided to sedate the giraffe in order to extract the foetus.

"In a giraffe, this procedure is complex and fraught with risks," said WRS, adding that they were looking to help Lucy recover from the ordeal.

Lucy the Giraffe 2
Lucy the giraffe went into cardiac arrest and died on Tuesday evening (Feb 5). (Photo: Facebook / Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

However, in another update shortly after, WRS said that Lucy had gone into cardiac arrest during the process of extracting the foetus. Despite more than 10 minutes of resuscitation efforts, WRS said that Lucy could not be saved and died at 7pm on Tuesday.

"It is with great sadness that we bring the devastating news that we have lost Lucy, our beloved giraffe," said WRS.

"Rest in peace Lucy. You will always remain in our hearts."

Lucy the Giraffe 1
Lucy the giraffe died on Tuesday (Feb 5) during childbirth. (Photo: Facebook / Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

It was first announced in October last year that Lucy was pregnant and expecting the arrival of her first calf at the end of January.

The 14-year-old giraffe was confirmed to be pregnant after keepers noticed a bump on her in April.

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WRS also extended its appreciation to Lucy's keepers and the veterinary team in its Facebook post. 

"For her keepers and the veterinary team who have been monitoring her progress in gestation for the past many months, and who have been on constant watch over her since the last 48 hours, it was a very bitter ending. 

"All of us at WRS would like to show our appreciation and support for Lucy’s care team for their dedication, love and care they have provided to Lucy."

Source: CNA/aa