MacPherson RC offers refund on open house tickets after charging new citizens less

MacPherson RC offers refund on open house tickets after charging new citizens less

macpherson zone b rc event poster
A poster advertising MacPherson Zone B RC's open house event. (Photo: Roger Chua/Facebook) 

SINGAPORE: The MacPherson Zone B Residents' Committee (RC) will offer a refund to everyone who took part in its open house, after charging new citizens less for tickets to the event.

The RC apologised on Thursday (Aug 3) after some pointed out that tickets for the Jul 30 event cost S$1 for new citizens, but S$3 for everyone else. 

In a Facebook post, MacPherson MP Tin Pei Ling acknowledged that there had been "unhappiness" over the issue, and said she was "very upset" after finding out about the incident on Wednesday. 

"We have counseled the RC and tightened the internal vetting process. The RC had no ill intention but still, it was a mistake that should not have happened," she said. 

"I have asked them to right the wrong by refunding all the participants of this event," said the MP for MacPherson SMC. 

"The RC comprises Singaporeans who are fellow residents in the area, and who have volunteered their personal time to serve the community over the years. It's a lesson learnt for the RC and everyone," Ms Tin added. 

The RC explained in a Facebook post that one of the event's objectives was to encourage new citizens to take part in community events, and that it thought a lower ticket price would encourage more new citizens to come forward. 

"In doing so, we have neglected the feelings of the majority of our residents. It was a once-off decision by our committee to charge differently and definitely not a policy of the MacPherson grassroots. We have absolutely no ill intent but we recognise that it was an unwise decision," the RC said. 

Describing the episode as "an honest error in judgement", the RC added: "As fellow residents, we have never harboured any intent of discriminating fellow citizens. It is our mission to bring people together and we cherish the opportunity to volunteer and serve our community.

"We are truly humbled by this and thank everyone for pointing out how we had erred. We have learnt from this episode." 

Source: CNA/dl