Man convicted of sexually assaulting 12-year-old girls after meeting on social media

Man convicted of sexually assaulting 12-year-old girls after meeting on social media

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SINGAPORE: A 20-year-old man was convicted on Monday (Feb 19) of sexually assaulting two 12-year-old girls he met on Instagram and Facebook in 2015. 

Goh Kar Aip pleaded guilty to four of 38 charges involving 10 victims aged 12 and 13. The odd-job worker admitted he preyed on preteen girls because they would not look down on him for his lack of education, the High Court heard. 

In September 2014, Goh used Instagram and Facebook to meet young girls, introducing himself to victims as “Kai”. He would steer their conversations toward sex, and ask the girls for nude photos. 

Goh was arrested after threatening a 12-year-old girl in December 2014. He had threatened to find her and tie her up when she repeatedly refused to send him nude photos and begged him to stop harassing her. 

Goh was given a 12-month conditional stern warning, but continued to seek out young victims. 

He met a 12-year-old girl on Instagram in December 2015, and asked her to be his girlfriend the same day. Goh knew the girl’s age, and that she had just finished her PSLE, Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling said. 

At the time, Goh, a Singapore permanent resident, was waiting to enlist in National Service. 

They met in person on Dec 19, when Goh took her to his flat at Hougang Street 51 and sexually assaulted her in his bedroom. 

The girl broke up with Goh soon after the assault. Angered, he threatened to show her school their WhatsApp conversations, in which they chatted about sex. Afraid, the girl agreed to meet him again on Dec 29. 

“She told (Goh) to stop what he was doing … (but) petrified by this threats, she felt she had no choice but to let him touch her,” DPP Chee said. 

Goh assaulted her at the staircase landing of Block 562 Hougang Street 51, where he also took obscene photos of the 12-year-old. 

In the same month, Goh had met another 12-year-old on Instagram. He pestered her to send him photos of her body, and she complied. They met in person on Jan 11, 2016. 

He took the girl, still clad in her school uniform, to a staircase landing at Block 856D Tampines Street 82, where he sexually assaulted her and made her perform a sexual act on him. He also took obscene photos of her. 

They met three more times, in January, February and March. Goh sexually assaulted her each time. 

He was arrested after a teacher, upon realising several of her students were being harassed by Goh, made a police report in March, 2016. 

A psychiatric report concluded Goh does not have pedophilic disorder, but that his offences “reflect an underlying attitude that supports or condones sexual violence,” and that this would increase his risk of recidivism. 

Goh is expected to be sentenced in March. For sexual assault, Goh faces up to 20 years’ jail.

Source: CNA/mn