Man jailed for forging S$640,000 worth of cheques, stealing ex-wife's luxury bags

Man jailed for forging S$640,000 worth of cheques, stealing ex-wife's luxury bags

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SINGAPORE: A 40-year-old man was sentenced to four years’ jail on Friday (Jun 16) for forging two cheques worth S$640,000 in his ex-wife’s name.

Kelvin Ang Soon Lim used part of the money to repay loanshark debts after he lost money gambling. The remaining S$260,000 was spent with his Chinese girlfriend in China.

Ang pleaded guilty to two charges of forgery of a valuable property, for forging two cheques – one for S$380,000 the other for S$260,000 – in Dec 2013.

He also pleaded guilty to theft, for stealing a Hermes handbag worth S$20,000 from his ex-wife, in 2016. Another three charges of theft – for stealing a credit card, a Celine handbag worth S$3,250 and a Balenciaga handbag worth $2,590 – were taken into consideration for sentencing.

At the time of the forgery offences, Ang and his ex-wife, Li Xiangli, were staying in separate rooms in the same flat, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Eric Hu. Ang duplicated the keys to Ms Li's room and the drawer where she kept her cheque book and accessed them while she was away visiting her family in China. He then forged Ms Li’s signature on the two cheques and presented them at the bank.

When Ms Li returned from China, she discovered that the money was missing and checked with her bank. When she was shown the two cheques, Ms Li recognised the handwriting as that of Ang’s, who later admitted forging the cheques after seeing her signature on telco bills lying around the house.

Ms Li was initially willing to let the matter as they had a young child then, said Mr Hu. Ang and his mother had also returned S$472,000 to her, he added.

However three years later, Ang stole three of her handbags, prompting her to make a police report against him.

Ang could have been jailed up to 15 years and fined for forgery. For committing theft in dwelling, he could have been jailed up to seven years, with a fine. 

Source: CNA/lc