Man who tried to rob woman of Rolex jailed, caned

Man who tried to rob woman of Rolex jailed, caned

(File photo: Channel NewsAsia)

SINGAPORE: Unemployed and short of cash, Malaysian Patrick Sim Lung Ann set out to rob someone on Feb 8, 2017. Wielding a bamboo knife he had made out of a fruit crate, he accosted a 59-year-old woman along Hillview Road, saying: “This is a robbery, give me your watch!”

The woman's Rolex watch, worth S$3,200, had caught his attention. But before he could take it, Sim fled the scene, startled by a loud clap of thunder as the victim shouted for help. 

For attempted robbery, Sim, 36, was on Monday (Jun 19) sentenced to 30 months’ jail and six strokes of the cane.

The court heard that the victim “lost strength in her legs" and sank to the ground shouting for help, after being confronted by Sim. As he fled empty-handed, a security guard at the nearby Glendale Park Condominium called the police.

Sim fled to Malaysia via the Woodlands Checkpoint at 7pm that day, just an hour and a half after the attempted robbery. He was caught nearly three months later, when he tried to come back to Singapore on Apr 22.

The court heard Sim had made the bamboo knife in December 2016 while working as a fruit stall assistant. He lost the job in January. Sim, who pleaded guilty to one charge of attempted robbery, admitted he fashioned the knife out of a fruit crate, sharpening the bamboo and painting it red to look like a real knife.

He said he made the knife intending to use it to rob someone, as he was desperate for cash. He had been loitering along Hillview Road on Feb 8 when he spotted the victim and decided to carry out his plan. Though the woman kept her watch, she suffered a small wound on her right thumb when it “brushed against the edge of the (bamboo) knife”, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Jocelyn Teo.

The punishment for attempted robbery is at least two years’ jail and at least six strokes of the cane.