No penalty for not implementing environmental impact mitigation measures: Sun Xueling

No penalty for not implementing environmental impact mitigation measures: Sun Xueling

Mandai wildlife crossing 2
Signs depicting the presence of wild animals in the area have been planted around Mandai Road. (Photo: Fann Sim)

SINGAPORE: Developers are not penalised for not implementing proposed environmental impact mitigation measures, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for National Development Sun Xueling in Parliament on Wednesday (July 11). 

She was responding to MP for Nee Soon GRC Louis Ng's question on whether measures have been put in place to reduce roadkill in the Mandai area, following the deaths of a pregnant wild boar and a Sambar deer in June. 

She said that Mandai Park Development (MPD) is responsible for implementing measures to mitigate the impact of its development work on wildlife in the area.

However, even though there are no penalties imposed, there is an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) that the developer has implemented. 

"The EMMP is monitored and reviewed by an environmental and advisory panel which includes subject matter experts from the scientific community, academia, nature groups and private sector. If there are unanticipated environmental impacts that require additional mitigation, MPD should modify their EMMP in consultation with the relevant technical agencies," Ms Sun said. 

She added that MPD has undertaken a number of measures to reduce roadkill in the area, such as installing hoardings around the development areas on Mandai Lake Road. 

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"MPD, the relevant government agencies, and the nature community are currently discussing the need for additional hoardings. Where it is ascertained that additional hoardings will protect wildlife, the relevant government agencies will work with MPD to determine the location of these hoardings," she added. 

Following at least five reported incidents of animals killed in the area since development started last year, wildlife activists have asked why the planned Eco-Link overpass was not completed before construction works started. 

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Mr Ng also asked if the overpass is one of the measures listed in MPD's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

"I have to check whether it's part of the EIA. In my understanding, it was," she said. 

She added that construction of the Eco-Link bridge has already started.

Source: CNA/fs