McDonald's Singapore launches menu inspired by local flavours

McDonald's Singapore launches menu inspired by local flavours

From Thursday (Jun 30), McDonald's Singapore will introduce the salted egg yolk chicken burger, Twist and Shake fries with salt and pepper crab-flavoured seasoning, as well as the Gula Melaka McFlurry to its menu.

salted egg yolk burger

SINGAPORE: It started with salted egg yolk croissants and donuts, then salted egg yolk ice-cream and dressing for waffles were introduced. And now McDonald's Singapore is the latest to jump in on the salted egg yolk craze here, with a limited-time menu featuring other local flavours such as pepper crab and gula melaka as well.

salt and pepper fries

In a media release on Wednesday (Jun 29), McDonald's said the launch includes a salted egg yolk chicken burger, as well as Twist & Shake fries with salt & pepper crab-flavoured shaker.

A new ice-cream flavour will also be introduced. The Gula Melaka McFlurry will come with layer cake bites.

gula melaka mcflurry

Two other items will also be available for a limited time. The Spicy McNuggets and Banana Pie will both be making a comeback.

spicy mcnuggets

banana pie

All new offerings will be available from Jun 30, McDonald's said.

The restaurant chain has also previous added locally-inspired offerings to its menu in the form of a beef and chicken satay burger in 2014, and a beef rendang burger the year before.

Source: CNA/dl