Mediacorp launches network for budding independent creators

Mediacorp launches network for budding independent creators
Screengrab of Bloomr.SG's website. 

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp on Friday (Sep 8) launched Bloomr.SG, an initiative to nurture and empower independent creators.

These creators are digital natives who connect with their communities around interesting ideas, consumer and cultural trends, as well as causes and movements, the broadcaster said in a media release. 

Bloomr.SG aims to give creators the platform and resources to create content and brand storytelling in innovative formats, build their own communities and sustain their passion for content creation. Creators will have access to mentorship and an extensive network, including Mediacorp's original IP and state-of-the-art digital resources. - the egg
The EGG, a space for Bloomr.SG creators to work. (Photo: Mediacorp) 

On Friday, Bloomr.SG introduced 10 creators who have signed up with the network, specialising in genres such as food, gaming, comedy, do-it-yourself tutorials, animation and talk shows. Collectively, they reach more than 850,000 subscribers and have garnered more than 160 million video views on YouTube. 

The network is already reaping dividends. One of its creators, Trevmonki, will be producing social media extensions for Mediacorp Channel 8’s year-end blockbuster drama series My Friends From Afar. VizPro International, Mediacorp’s events arm for regional and world class live entertainment, has also engaged four creators to produce social media content for the upcoming The Addams Family musical, to be staged at MES Theatre in November.

Trevor Tham, a creator from Trevmonki, said: “We are constantly inspired by stories around us and as aspiring filmmakers, we are looking to produce our very own drama series be it on Toggle, TV, or cable channels. We see this collaboration as a great opportunity for us to work with other YouTubers and learn from some of the industry experts with different skill sets on video production. With that knowledge, we can upgrade ourselves and our channel.”

Brands are increasingly turning to these creators to join in their conversations and tap on their influence to connect with target audiences.

"In today’s world, everyone can be a source of creativity. Through Bloomr.SG, Mediacorp aims to cultivate a new wave of disruptive storytellers who create content for the new generation," said Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp. "Mediacorp’s advertising partnerships will provide them monetisation strength, freeing them up to do what they do best - be creative. At the same time brands will benefit from their contemporary and innovative approach to storytelling for compelling brand narratives."

Mediacorp is inviting all talented and passionate creators to be part of Bloomr.SG. Further information on how to sign up is available here