More than half of global perfect IB scores from ACS (I)

More than half of global perfect IB scores from ACS (I)

Students from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) made up 48 out of 94 perfect scorers worldwide.

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SINGAPORE: Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) students accounted for more than half of the perfect scorers globally at the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma examinations in November 2016.

ACS (I) said in a press statement on Thursday (Jan 5) that 48 of their students from the latest cohort attained the maximum score of 45 points, out of 94 students worldwide.

This is the highest number of perfect scores since the school introduced the IB Diploma Programme in 2006, ACS (I) said.

ACS (I) students scored an average of 41.82 total points, compared to a national average of 38.27 points and a global average of 29.21 points.

For the previous cohort, ACS (I) had 41 students with perfect scores and an average total point score of 41.8.

Meanwhile, Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) and St. Joseph's Institution (SJI) students also achieved new highs for the November 2016 cohort, the schools reported separately in press releases on Thursday.

HCIS said it made a "breakthrough" as two of its students scored perfect scores for the examinations, the firsts in the school's history, while SJI said it produced its first perfect scorer. SJI also had 10 students with a near-perfect score of 44 points.

HCIS also said it had an average score of 36.7 points. Meanwhile, SJI said its students achieved an average score of 41.5 points.

In addition, ACS (I) said 83.2 per cent of its students that took the examinations scored 40 points and above out of a maximum of 45. For HCIS, 33.0 per cent of its students scored at least 40 points, up from 24.8 per cent for the November 2015 cohort. As for SJI, 84 per cent of its students scored 40 points or higher.

Additionally, SJI International saw 30.8 per cent of its students scoring 40 points or more. Five attained 44 points while another seven obtained 43 points, the school said in its media release.

A total of 1,849 students in Singapore and 14,071 students worldwide sat for the IB exams in November 2016.

Source: CNA/am