MUIS condemns video of Singaporean Islamic State fighter executing man

MUIS condemns video of Singaporean Islamic State fighter executing man

SINGAPORE: The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) on Monday (Jan 1) condemned the latest propaganda video by the Islamic State (IS) featuring Singaporean militant Megat Shahdan Abdul Samad. 

According to local reports, Shahdan was seen in the eight-minute video with two other fighters in military fatigues, executing three men by shooting them. 

The clip also shows bombings and vehicle attacks. Before the executions, Shahdan is seen speaking in English, telling IS followers to "slay the enemies of Allah wherever you can find them". 

In response to the latest video, MUIS said it was a "desperate attempt" by IS to recruit individuals to "cause carnage" and "sow discord between Muslims and non-Muslims". 

The Singaporean fighter, who calls himself Abu 'Uqayl, also appeared in an IS video in September. In the 3min 30s clip, he was seen loading artillery shells onto a military truck and calling for people to join IS. 

MUIS had also condemned the earlier video and stressed that it has maintained its position "unequivocally". 

The IS' message "blatantly disregards the sanctity of human life that Islam strives to preserve and protect", said MUIS on Monday. 

In addition, MUIS strongly urged Muslims not to share such materials if they come across them. 

"Such videos prey on the minds of the weak, or those who do not have proper religious guidance. We must continue to stand together and stop the spread of ISIS’ dangerous propaganda," MUIS said. 

The religious body added that Muslims in doubt on the validity of religious claims made in such videos should consult a credible teacher.

MUIS also urged Muslims around the world to "continue to rally with all other communities for peaceful societies" against the IS' poisonous ideology of hatred and violence, and keep with the Islamic teachings of bringing blessings to all. 

Source: CNA/am