Nas Daily announces free meet-up, hopes to arrive in Singapore 'with a bang'

Nas Daily announces free meet-up, hopes to arrive in Singapore 'with a bang'

Nas Daily
(Screengrab: YouTube/Nas Daily)

SINGAPORE: Travel vlogger Nas Daily, who is set to move to Singapore this month, said on Tuesday (Apr 2) he wants to arrive in the country "with a bang", by holding a free event where people can meet him and make a video together. 

The event, called The Nas Daily Meetup!, will be held on Apr 20, he announced on Facebook. 

"For the past 1,000 days, we had no place to call home. And after looking at the world map for days and weeks at a time, we've concluded that the best place to call home is in Singapore. We just really like the region and the warmth of its people," said the Internet sensation, whose real name is Nuseir Yassin. 

nas daily event poster
(Image: The Nas Daily Meetup!/Facebook)

"We fell in love with the good and the bad - so we're packing our bags and coming soon," he added.

"But this time, we wanna arrive with a bang. We wanna throw a big event on a long weekend for everyone. It's a great way to meet up in person, make a video together(!!), talk to you a bit about Nas Daily, talk a bit about you, and showcase other talent in the region." 

Nas Daily
(Screengrab: YouTube/Nas Daily)

Yassin said the venue for the event will be announced at a later date. 

On the event's Facebook page, nearly 4,000 people have expressed their interest as of Tuesday evening. 

Yassin is best known for his one-minute videos on Facebook page Nas Daily. The vlogger has also made several videos on Singapore, and has been outspoken about how he is "really fascinated" with the country.

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Some of his videos touched on how Singapore's passport is "a lot of people's dream", how "you're not gonna get any road rage" in the country and how its landfills are so "insanely clean" they "almost feel like resorts".

However, some critics also took issue with the overly positive nature of his work, as well as the appearance of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his video The Almost Perfect Country in September last year.

Source: CNA/aa(gs)