Need to see if legal framework is adequate: Shanmugam on abused toddler case

Need to see if legal framework is adequate: Shanmugam on abused toddler case

The Law and Home Affairs Minister says it is "heartbreaking" to read what the two-year-old child went through as he was "ruthlessly tortured for more than a month".

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SINGAPORE: Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has called a case in which a woman and her boyfriend abused her two-year-old son to death "heartbreaking". The couple was recently sentenced to jail, with the woman receiving a 11-year sentence and the man, 10 years and 12 strokes of the cane.

Sharing the Channel NewsAsia report on Facebook on Thursday (Jul 7), Mr Shanmugam wrote: "The child was kicked, slapped, stomped on daily, made to stand with his hands on his head for hours, and had dried chilli forced down his throat!"

"Poor defenceless child. How can any human being do this to a two-year-old? Let alone a mother to her own child?"

Mr Shanmugam said that for abuse cases like this, the Government needs to see whether the legal framework is adequate. "They ruthlessly tortured the child for more than a month, and effectively killed him," he said.

"We have to also encourage people to report when they see abuse immediately," he noted. The case came to light after the housemates of the couple called for an ambulance after the boy was found dead last November. One of the housemates, Mdm Puspawati Abdul Razat told Channel NewsAsia that being wheelchair-bound made it difficult for her to help the child as he suffered abuse, or leave the house to call the police.

Source: CNA/ly