NETS services resume after hour-long disruption

NETS services resume after hour-long disruption

NETS down
A NETS FlashPay terminal and a receipt obtained by Channel NewsAsia showing a declined transaction during a service disruption on Feb 2, 2018.

SINGAPORE: NETS services were temporarily disrupted for about an hour on Friday (Feb 2).

In a statement responding to media queries, a spokesperson for the electronic payment services provider said NETS services were temporarily unavailable from 2pm to 3pm. 

"We are conducting a full investigation as to the cause of the disruption to prevent a repeat of today's incident," NETS said. 

In a Facebook post at 2.27pm, the operator informed users that the service was unavailable.

“NETS users will not be able to perform any NETS transactions (including point-of-sales transactions and top up services) for the time being,” the post stated.

An employee at the Style by Style VIBES cafe, who declined to be named, said that "two or three customers" encountered issues while trying to make payment using NETS between about 2.30pm and 3pm.

He added that he was unaware that NETS services were down islandwide, and that he received a "No reply from bank" error message when he was trying to process payments on the NETS terminals. 

NETS receipts obtained by Channel NewsAsia show the error messages "No reply from bank " and "Declined".

In an update at 3.45pm, NETS said all services had been restored. 

The service disruption was "not related to any security issues" and "no personal data was compromised as a result of this incident", said a NETS spokesperson in response to Channel NewsAsia's queries.

A spokesperson for the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said that it has instructed NETS to "identify and address the root cause" of today's incident, as well as to submit a thorough investigation report to MAS.

“MAS takes a serious view of all incidents affecting the availability of critical payment systems, such as the Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (“EFTPOS”) services operated by NETS," said the spokesperson.

She added that MAS will review the investigation findings and take "supervisory action" if necessary. 

Source: CNA/ek