Networks and partnerships can build stronger, reliable media: Chee Hong Tat

Networks and partnerships can build stronger, reliable media: Chee Hong Tat

cht mediacorp
Mr Chee Hong Tat during a Chinese New Year visit to Mediacorp on Friday (Feb 16). (Photo: Junn Loh)

SINGAPORE: Media organisations could look into building stronger networks and partnerships to remain relevant, said Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Chee Hong Tat on Friday (Feb 16).

Speaking on the sidelines of a Chinese New Year visit to Mediacorp to thank staff who were working during the festive holiday, Mr Chee highlighted the importance of mainstream media today, amid growing “concerns over fake news, false information”.

“This trusted source of information is a very important part of guiding policy discussions and letting our people know about what’s happening around the world and in Singapore,” he said.

cht yusheng
Chee Hong Tat joined newsroom employees in a traditional prosperity toss, known as "yusheng" during his Chinese New Year visit to Mediacorp. (Photo: Junn Loh)

In addition to investments in quality content and tapping on online platforms, media companies could look at growing deeper capabilities and talents to remain competitive, Mr Chee pointed out.

Another key strategy could be in the area of partnerships, he added. 

"That whole idea of collaboration is something we want to try to encourage as well. Collaboration not just within the company, but across different media companies. So, including between Mediacorp and SPH. Certain areas I think we need to see scope for cooperation,” Mr Chee said.

Mr Chee said there is also potential in working alongside non-media companies in the technology and lifestyle sectors. 

“I think there's a lot of scope for us to see how we can bring some of these partnerships together, to strengthen our value proposition and allow media companies to do well," he said.

As part of his visit, Mr Chee joined newsroom employees in the traditional prosperity toss known as "yusheng".  

Source: CNA/aa