‘No lapses’ in medical care of girl in viral Facebook post: KKH

‘No lapses’ in medical care of girl in viral Facebook post: KKH

CPR montage
Screengrabs from a video that has gone viral showed the young girl receiving CPR from her father.

SINGAPORE: KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) said on Sunday (Nov 19) there were “no lapses” in the medical care provided to a young girl, whose parents alleged had become unconscious the morning after a doctor in the emergency department had told them their daughter was not in a serious condition.

KKH’s statement comes after the girl’s mother, Ms Tricia Ang, posted a video on Facebook on Nov 14 that showed the girl’s father performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on their daughter, who appeared to be lying motionless on the sofa.

Ms Ang’s video and Facebook post, which went viral, have since been taken down.

According to Ms Ang’s post, the parents had brought their daughter to KKH on the night of Nov 13, and waited for “three to four hours” before seeing a doctor.

They were later seen by Dr Peter Wong, who they claimed told them that their daughter’s condition was not serious and did not need immediate attention.

The parents also alleged that the doctor had told them that they could either “wait another two to three hours”, as priority would be given to emergency cases, or they could “cancel and go to another place”.

The next morning, Ms Ang said in the Facebook post, the girl’s condition worsened and she was admitted to the hospital by ambulance.

KKH said in its statement posted on Facebook on Sunday that they have investigated the matter and are in contact with the child and family.

“We have reviewed the case, and there were no lapses in medical care or patient safety,” KKH said.

“The hospital’s priority is to provide appropriate and timely care to our patients. As such, emergency cases have to be given priority. KKH is committed to improving our patients’ experience, but parents and caregivers have to also play their part to be responsible and considerate to enable our medical professionals to perform their tasks.”

KKH said that when the young girl was first assessed at the Children's Emergency, she was found to have fever, but was otherwise stable.

The attending pediatric consultant, Dr Wong, who KKH described as “an experienced and well-regarded doctor”, had explained to the family that the girl’s condition was stable and that she was not in danger.

KKH said the parents left KKH Children’s Emergency before further medical examination could be conducted. But after about 12 hours later, the child was brought to the Children’s Emergency.

“She was assessed to be stable (and) admitted to the general ward and provided with the necessary care. She was discharged the following day and is now at home,” KKH added.

Source: CNA/aj