NSP's Steve Chia not contesting MacPherson SMC, upcoming GE

NSP's Steve Chia not contesting MacPherson SMC, upcoming GE

The National Solidarity Party member wrote on his Facebook page that the "trolls have won", and states his wish for the Workers' Party to send a strong candidate to "take down" MacPherson SMC and PAP's Tin Pei Ling.

SINGAPORE: National Solidarity Party (NSP) member Steve Chia on Sunday morning (Aug 23) told Channel NewsAsia he will not be standing in the coming General Election (GE) and will not contest MacPherson SMC, following an earlier Facebook post stating similar intentions.

Mr Chia said in a phone interview: "Yes, I will not be contesting the GE, or MacPherson." This confirmation came after the party on Wednesday performed an about-turn and said it will contest MacPherson after all, citing "appeal from residents".

He had earlier this morning written on his Facebook page saying "the trolls have won". He added: "It is with anguish and deep sadness that my lifelong ambition to be the people's spokesman in Parliament ends today."

Mr Chia also said he wished the Workers' Party will send a strong candidate and "take down MacPherson SMC" and the People's Action Party's Tin Pei Ling "out of Parliament".

In his Facebook post, there were Web page links to a site that appears to offer a profile of him, including his reason in joining NSP and the 2003 nude photo scandal he was involved in. He said the site was not set up by him and "some facts in it are not correctly written".

Asked if his Facebook account was hacked, Mr Chia said: "No, my Facebook page was not hacked."

Screengrab of the website with what appears to be a profile of Mr Steve Chia.

Source: CNA/kk