NTUC to offer discounts on 8 rice products to encourage healthy eating

NTUC to offer discounts on 8 rice products to encourage healthy eating

file photo of ntuc fairprice
File photo of an NTUC FairPrice supermarket in Singapore. (Photo: NTUC FairPrice)

SINGAPORE: NTUC FairPrice will be offering a discount of at least 10 per cent on eight healthier rice products from Aug 21 to 30. 

Announcing details after Prime Minister's Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speech on Sunday evening (Aug 20), Singapore largest supermarket chain said the products include brown and red rice from its housebrand, as well as a brand of low glycemic index (GI) rice.

This is to promote wholegrain rice as a healthier alternative to white rice by "moderating costs of healthier food alternatives," said NTUC FairPrice.

discounted rice
Three of eight rice products that will be discounted by at least 10 per cent from Aug 21 to 30. (Photos: NTUC FairPrice) 

The eight products are: 

  • FairPrice Brown Unpolished Rice, 2.5kg
  • FairPrice Red Unpolished Rice, 2.5kg
  • FairPrice Thai Blend Rice, 2.5kg
  • Golden Phoenix Germinated Jasmine Rice, 1kg
  • Bamboo Hill Organic Brown Fragrant Rice, 1kg
  • Naturel Organic Mix Brown and Red Rice, 2kg
  • Naturel Organic Brown Rice, 2kg
  • Kangaroo Low GI Rice, 2kg

In his National Day Rally speech, PM Lee noted that white rice is bad for diabetes because it has a high GI, a measurement of the impact of foods on blood sugar.

“White rice may not taste sweet, but the effect is almost like eating sugar. When you eat white rice, your blood sugar will shoot up,” he said.

PM Lee acknowledged that the taste of brown rice will take getting used for people who have always chosen to eat white rice, citing the example of some of his ministers who do not like the taste of the healthier alternative at their weekly Cabinet lunches.

"As a compromise, I am thinking of trying white rice mixed with brown rice," said PM Lee. That was also what he served at a reception after the rally.

ndr 2017 - mixed grain fried rice
Mixed grain fried rice served at the National Day Rally reception. 

Apart from making healthier food choices, PM Lee also urged Singaporeans to go for regular health check-ups, cut down on sugar and exercise more.

Source: CNA/dl