oBike says it's working to refund deposits, collect remaining bicycles

oBike says it's working to refund deposits, collect remaining bicycles

derelict oBike floor
Derelict oBikes abandoned near Raffles Place a day after the company announced that it will cease operations in Singapore. (Photo: Michelle Teo) 

SINGAPORE: Bike-sharing operator oBike on Sunday (Jul 1) said it is working with the relevant parties on a solution to refund users' deposits.

"The entire refund process will be announced once these details are finalised," oBike said in a statement.

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) said on Thursday that it had received 772 complaints from oBike customers asking for deposit refunds, with the majority of it made in the four days following the operator's shock announcement on Monday that it was winding up its operations in Singapore. 

However, CASE warned as well that there will be a stay of proceedings on litigation action as soon as oBike's liquidation commences, leaving customers unable to proceed with any claims against the company. 

oBike acknowledged that it has caused problems to many parties and apologised for the inconvenience caused. 

The company said that it is working with the Land Transport Authority with an "absolute focus" on the Jul 4 deadline to collect all remaining idle bicycles in Singapore. 

"We will have further discussions with LTA if we are unable to collect the bicycles in the given time frame," said oBike.

The company said that it is also working with the Personal Data Protection Commission to "properly engage in the next course of action" regarding user data. 

It assured users that the data will not be sold or used for any other purpose other than for the oBike service.

"oBike is fully committed to solve these issues to ensure proper closure for our stakeholders in Singapore," it added. 

Source: CNA/ng