The dismantling, scrapping of unwanted oBikes is underway in a Tuas compound

The dismantling, scrapping of unwanted oBikes is underway in a Tuas compound

A pile of oBikes
A pile of oBikes at an industrial compound in Tuas. (Photo: Matthew Mohan)

SINGAPORE: The scrapping of unwanted oBikes is underway, with some bicycles in the process of being dismantled and broken down.

When Channel NewsAsia visited the Enviro-Hub Holdings compound in Tuas on Friday (Jul 13), a large heap of oBikes was spotted piled up at the back of the property.

There were also oBikes lining the side of a warehouse.

A spokeswoman from Cimelia Resource Recovery, a subsidiary of Enviro-Hub Group, said in a WhatsApp message that the space is leased to a company called Sing Metal Industry, which is recycling oBikes.

An on-site supervisor of Sing Metal, who declined to be named, said that close to 1,000 bicycles were sent to the compound on Monday (Jul 9) by a "trucking company". Sing Metal purchased these bicycles and aims to take them apart within a month. 

The broken up bikes will then be mixed with other metals, before being sold to be melted down. Channel NewsAsia understands that oBikes have also been transported to other companies. 

Abandoned oBikes
These oBikes will be scrapped over the course of the month. (Photo: Matthew Mohan)

oBike shuttered operations last month, citing difficulties in meeting new requirements put in place by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to tackle indiscriminate parking. 

The bike-sharing operator was instructed by LTA to work with its liquidator to remove bicycles from public spaces by Jul 4.

Since then, customers have tried to get back their deposits, which add up to S$6.3 million in total. Liquidators have said affected customers should submit online applications.

Obikes to be scrapped
There are an estimated 1,000 oBikes which will be scrapped at this compound. (Photo: Matthew Mohan)

Source: CNA/mt