One Canberra's first AGM to be held at Chong Pang CC, to cost about S$8,000

One Canberra's first AGM to be held at Chong Pang CC, to cost about S$8,000

One Canberra condo yishun
One Canberra in Yishun. (Photo: Hyoungwoo Kim/Facebook)

SINGAPORE: One Canberra's first annual general meeting will be held at Chong Pang Community Club and is likely to cost about S$8,000, less than half of the S$19,000 initial estimate. The change was made possible as the meeting has been postponed by a week, to Jun 24. 

The condominium's appointed managing agent, Realty International Associates, told Channel NewsAsia that an internal meeting was held on Monday morning (May 22), following a Facebook post by MP for Nee Soon GRC K Shanmugam. His post highlighted residents' concerns over the high cost for the AGM. 

Mr Shanmugam, who is also Law and Home Affairs Minister, said in the Facebook post on Sunday that he had heard about the matter from several of the Yishun condo's residents. He shared a letter he wrote to the managing agent.

Mr Jackson Ong, vice-president of Realty International, said that the first option was to hold the AGM at the condominium's clubhouse, but with capacity only for 60 people, it would be too small for the 350 expected attendees.

Chong Pang CC was not available on Jun 17, the date that was earlier agreed on.

They next looked at SAFRA, which could only accommodate a maximum of 320 people, he said. Eventually, they decided on Orchid Country Club, which he said would have cost about S$16,000. Mr Ong said that no circulars had been sent out, and plans had not been finalised, but he added that the developer of the condominium, MCC Land, was willing to sponsor S$8,000 for the event if it were held in Orchid Country Club.

Mr Ong said: "We value Minister Shanmugam's feedback, and have decided to hold it at Chong Pang CC after changing the date."


The S$8,000 to hold the event at Chong Pang CC will include the cost of food and the rental of tables and chairs. The CC has offered free use of its premises, and the managing agent and developer will only have to pay S$200 for cleaning fees.

The cost of the event will be paid for from the maintenance fund, to which residents pay S$240 to S$260 monthly, depending on the size of their units. 

The AGM is being held to vote in the Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST), which acts as a managing body.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said that under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, a developer must hold the first AGM within 13 months from the date of constitution of an MCST. The law says that the MCST or developer should hold their general meeting at a venue and timing "reasonable and suitable" for most residents in the development to attend.  

A BCA spokesman added: "We urge all MCSTs and managing agents to exercise prudence when utilising residents’ funds, be it for organising the AGMs or for other approved purposes."

Source: CNA/ja