PAP town councils to set aside S$45m to improve lift safety, reliability

PAP town councils to set aside S$45m to improve lift safety, reliability

Four measures were recommended by the People's Action Party Lift Taskforce.

SINGAPORE: The People's Action Party (PAP) said on Monday (Dec 5) that its Lift Taskforce has completed its preliminary study to enhance the safety and reliability of lifts for Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates under its care.

All PAP town councils will thus allocate a total of S$45 million over the next five years to implement the four recommendations by the taskforce - spearheaded by PAP Town Councils' Coordinating Chairman Teo Ho Pin - to improve lift safety and reliability, it added in its press release.

The four recommendations, which the 15 PAP town councils have accepted, are:

  • Implement steps to enhance the safety of lifts
  • Improve lift servicing and maintenance regime
  • Monitor performance of lifts and lift contractors
  • Working protocols with HDB on lifts

Under the working protocols with HDB on lifts, the taskforce recommends that all town councils provide information on the performance of lifts and lift contractors to HDB for their tender evaluation. It also recommended all town councils work with HDB branch offices to develop a working protocol to regulate the use of lifts by renovation contractors, it elaborated.

The taskforce also recommended that all town councils install a Lift Surveillance System (LSS) in all lifts to provide 24/7 monitoring for safety and security purposes.

The surveillance system will also provide real-time information for man-trapped cases to facilitate speedy rescue operations. In addition, the LSS will deter vandalism and misuse of lifts which are common causes of lift failures, the press release said.

The taskforce called on all town councils to implement the HDB Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP) incorporating eight safety features, and the press release said the town councils will prioritise the LEP implementation over the next 10 years based on the age and performance of the lifts.

It also suggested the town councils jointly develop a dashboard management system to monitor the performance of lifts and lift contractors. "This will allow town councils to benchmark the performance standards of their lifts and lift contractors," the press release said.

Source: CNA/kk