Provide greater support to freelancers: Ang Hin Kee

Provide greater support to freelancers: Ang Hin Kee

With freelance work becoming more prevalent, the NTUC Assistant Secretary-General said Singapore needs the courage to adapt mindset and policies to offer freelancers stronger support.

SINGAPORE: With freelancing increasingly becoming a viable career option, it would be “timely" to tailor policies to be more inclusive and benefit freelancers, Mr Ang Hin Kee said in Parliament on Tuesday (Jan 26).

"Society needs to move away from the past notion of what defines a good job, and a stable income," he said.

Mr Ang outlined three areas in which there can be greater support for the estimated 200,000 freelancers in Singapore:

  1. Society must embrace freelancing as part of the changing employment landscape
  2. Service buyers must “treat freelancers fairly to achieve a win-win situation”
  3. The Government must “tailor policies to be more inclusive and to benefit the freelancers"

The conventional thinking on career paths - “to help Singaporeans apply for HDB housing and prepare for retirement" - has worked well, said the MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC. But with freelance work increasingly becoming new job entrants’ preferred choice, Singapore needs the "courage" to adapt its mindset and policies to offer them stronger support.

To encourage the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit in Singaporeans, Mr Ang asked the Committee on the Future Economy chaired by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat to look into offering freelancers support that can benefit them directly, and enable them to thrive.

Source: CNA/ll