Provisional council appointed to oversee FAS

Provisional council appointed to oversee FAS

The council was appointed by MCCY on the advice of Sport Singapore. The team will have to ensure stability and continuity in FAS operations ahead of its elections, MCCY says.

(pg) FAS Interim Council
S Thavaneson, Lim Kia Tong and Edwin Tong in the FAS Provisional Council. (Photo: Philip Goh) 

SINGAPORE: A provisional council has been appointed to oversee the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to help prepare for the election of a new council in early 2017, announced Sport Singapore on Tuesday (Nov 15).

The provisional council's term will run from Nov 16 to Mar 31, 2017. Its appointment follows amendments to the FAS constitution that pave the way for democratic elections which must be held by May 2017.

The council will see one of the current FAS vice-presidents, Lim Kia Tong, succeeding Zainudin Nordin as president. He will be supported by a team of six other council members.


FAS provisional council
MCCY appointed the council on the advice of Sport Singapore. The team will have to ensure stability and continuity in FAS operations in the interim period before a new council is elected, the press release stated.

Mr Lim, who is currently in Papua New Guinea as head of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup, said he is “honoured” to be selected as interim president.

“We will work to ensure that all ongoing plans and programmes of the FAS will continue during this period,” he said. “There are several key issues that we will be looking at, including the future of the S.League and National Football League revamp to a two-tier promotion and relegation system.”

According to Mr Lim, the council will be establishing communication channels “to form an open eco-system of discussion” that will include the key stakeholders, its ordinary members and the general public.

The FAS has been helmed by Government appointees for more than three decades, and only announced the move to free elections last December, following a request from football world governing body FIFA.

Following the announcement, Mr Lim has led an FAS taskforce, working in consultation with FIFA, to draw up the constitutional amendments for such elections. He also confirmed last week that work on the drafting of the electoral code, which will be the “tool for the execution of the election”, has begun.

The new FAS leadership will consist of a core leadership slate of nine (president, deputy president, four vice-presidents and three council members) which will be voted in en bloc. Six other members will be voted in individually to form a council of 15.

Candidates will have to undergo integrity checks to ensure their suitability to take part, in accordance with FIFA’s current practice, and an election day will be announced once all candidates have been finalised. It could take up to two months from when nominations closed to when the elections are held.

Mr Lim is widely expected to lead a team to contest the coming elections, with Team Majulah SG Football, managed by R Vengadasalam, former manager of defunct S-League club Woodlands Wellington, already declaring their interest in the race.

Businessman Bill Ng, the chairman of S-League side Hougang United, is seen as a dark horse in the contest, and will be a strong presidential candidate should he be successful in wooing former Tampines Rovers chairman Teo Hock Seng to join his team.

Source: CNA/xk