Red Cross Youth on a mission to get 6,500 units of blood donated next year

Red Cross Youth on a mission to get 6,500 units of blood donated next year

The pledge was made on Saturday (Dec 17) to boost community resilience and to support the SGSecure movement.

red cross blood donation drive
Blood donation drive by Singapore Red Cross Youth. (Photo: Chan Luo Er)

SINGAPORE: The Red Cross Youth in Singapore has set a target to get 6,500 units of blood donated next year - that's 6,500 donors if each person donates a unit of blood.

The commitment was made on Saturday (Dec 17), to boost community resilience. “A robust blood supply is critical to saving lives during everyday emergencies, and more so in times of crisis," said the director of the Singapore Red Cross Youth Sahari Ani.

Another challenge is that with the ageing population, younger donors will have to come forward to ensure that the country has a sustainable blood supply. That is why the Red Cross Youth also wants to increase the percentage of youth blood donors from the current 28 per cent to 35 per cent.

"As passionate youth leaders, the Red Cross Youth are in a good position to encourage and inspire their peers and fellow citizens to become blood donors,” said Mr Sahari. The Red Cross Youth in Singapore has 10,000 members aged nine to 35.

To start things off at the launch at Our Tampines Hub, 250 members distributed blood donation pledge cards to residents in the area and engaged more than 70 retailers and hawkers to display a blood donation sticker in support of the cause.

The pledge, themed Red Wave Rising, was also a way to kick off the Red Cross Youth's 65th anniversary celebrations next year. Members distributed food aid packs to needy households in Tampines, held first aid demonstrations and gave out information packs about SGSecure.

Said Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth Baey Yam Keng who was at the launch: “With terrorist attacks happening around the world, it is critical that all of us do our part to protect our community. Our youths can contribute to their communities by sharing the importance of blood donations, first-aid and disaster preparedness."

Source: CNA/gs