Reports of damaged, faulty electric sharing cars to be expected: BlueSG

Reports of damaged, faulty electric sharing cars to be expected: BlueSG

BlueSG car tow away
Photos of the BlueSG car being towed away were posted on a Facebook page. (Photo: Facebook/Paul Chua)

SINGAPORE: Reports of damaged and faulty cars from Singapore's first electric car-sharing company should be "expected" as it can also happen with personal cars, said BlueSG on Wednesday (Jan 3).

Cases of such incidents came to light when photos of damaged BlueSG cars were posted on a public Facebook page on Sunday. 

The electric car-sharing service officially launched less than a month ago on Dec 12. 

When asked for the number of BlueSG cars reported damaged or faulty since its launch, BlueSG said there have been "a handful".

On Dec 31, photos of the electric cars were posted on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante; one car had a broken front car plate and a dent on the bonnet of the car.

Channel NewsAsia understands that the incident did not result in any injuries. 

Damaged BlueSG car 1
One car had a dent on its license plate and the hood as well. (Photo: Facebook/Minghui Ming) 

Another photo of a different car showed a black scratch on its front bumper. 

Damaged BlueSG car 2
One of the cars had a black scratch on its front bumper. (Photo: Facebook/Minghui Ming) 

On the same day, another Facebook user Paul Chua posted pictures of the electric car being towed away at a Shell petrol station on Facebook page Singapore Taxi Driver. 

BlueSG car tow away 2
The electric car was seen being towed away at a Shell petrol station. (Photo: Facebook/Paul Chua) 

BlueSG said it was aware of such incidents and is working closely with its insurers and the responsible drivers. 

"With more than 5,000 trips to date, it is expected that there will be few incidents as it can happen with any personal car," said BlueSG.

The company added that it will not comment on precise figures regarding accidents. 

"Nevertheless, the total number reported is in the range of a handful of cases, which needs to be related to the number of trips," said the company. 

It added that an accident with a BlueSG car "does not always involve responsibility from a BlueSG driver".

Source: CNA/ad