Rochor Centre to be demolished early next year

Rochor Centre to be demolished early next year

SINGAPORE: Demolition works for the Rochor Centre will start early next year, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) confirmed on Monday (Oct 23).

Authorities had earlier said the buildings at the iconic rainbow-coloured estate would be torn down at end 2016 to make way for construction of the North-South Expressway. All residents have been evicted after being given relocation options.

Asked about safety measures that will be in place during demolition, LTA said the process will be in accordance with the Code of Practice for Demolition standard.

“Before demolition commences, the contractor would have to carry out preparatory works, such as putting up hoardings and noise barriers to ensure public safety and to minimise dis-amenities. They would also need to decommission utility services within the buildings, and implement vector-control measures,” a spokesperson said.

It added that the demolition tender was awarded to Aik Sun Demolition and Engineering.

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