School aware of bullying incident involving its students: St Andrew's Secondary principal

School aware of bullying incident involving its students: St Andrew's Secondary principal

The 25-second video, filmed from a staircase corridor of a HDB flat, showed the victim being hit repeatedly by a group of boys. St Andrew's Secondary School principal Lucy Toh confirms some of the boys involved in the video are students at the school.

SINGAPORE: St Andrew's Secondary School principal Lucy Toh on Friday (Nov 11) confirmed that some of the boys shown in a video bullying another boy at a Housing and Development Board (HDB) staircase landing are students from the school.

Mrs Toh told Channel NewsAsia in an email that the school is aware of the incident that took place on Nov 5. "We take all incidents of fighting seriously, and will continue to educate our students on anger management and appropriate behaviour," she said.

"The school is working with the police in their investigation and therefore is unable to comment further," she added.

One of the boys in the video was seen wearing a Saint Andrews Secondary School T-shirt.

Police on Friday confirmed that they had identified the youths involved in the video and were investigating them.

"The police take a stern view of lawless and violent public behaviour which could threaten the sense of safety and security in the community," the police said in a statement.

"Any person who resorts to violence and riotous behaviour will be dealt with severely, in accordance with the law.”

Channel NewsAsia understands that the mother of the boy who was bullied filed the police report.

The 25-second video shows a group of boys confronting another boy at the staircase landing of an HDB block. Two of them were seen repeatedly kicking and punching the victim while the others watched.

After the victim fell to the ground, he was drop-kicked by the first boy, who was also carrying a hockey stick.

The video of the incident was posted on Facebook on Thursday and went viral, picking up more than 417,000 views in five hours.

Please note that viewers might find the following video disturbing.

Poor boy probably broke his leg!

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Source: CNA/am