Sengkang LRT train stalled but did not collide: LTA debunks Straits Times report

Sengkang LRT train stalled but did not collide: LTA debunks Straits Times report

two-car train punggol
File photo of a two-car LRT train. (Photo: Kenneth Lim)

SINGAPORE: A two-car train on the Sengkang LRT system stalled on Monday evening, but did not collide as had been reported by The Straits Times, the Land Transport Authority said on Tuesday (Jul 4).

LTA made the clarification in a Facebook post, after an article published by The Straits Times said that two LRT trains had collided on the Sengkang line.

"LTA and SBS Transit Ltd would like to clarify that the article is erroneous and misleading, as there was no collision on the Sengkang LRT system," it said.

The Straits Times story had been sourced from its citizen journalism website Stomp, where a contributor had reported the "collision".

Stomp fake news screengrab
Cached version of a Stomp report that has been debunked by the Land Transport Authority. The report appears to have been removed.

LTA said that Monday evening's incident involved a coupled two-car train that had stalled in between the Sengkang Town Centre and Renjong stations. The two carriages were coupled together and travelling as a single train on the system.

"The sudden stalling may have caused some passengers who were not holding onto the standing poles/grab bars to lose their balance, and may have given the wrong impression that the trailing train-car had hit the one in front," said LTA.

SBS Transit staff members subsequently reset the fault and manually drove the coupled train to Renjong Station for passengers to disembark, it said.

The Straits Times has corrected its report and apologised for the error.

Source: CNA