Sheng Siong offers full refund for rockmelons from listeria-affected source

Sheng Siong offers full refund for rockmelons from listeria-affected source

Sheng Siong rockmelons from listeria-affected source and from non-implicated source
Comparison of Australian rockmelons from a non-implicated source (left) and one from a listeria-affected source. (Photo: Sheng Siong)

SINGAPORE: Sheng Siong supermarket is offering customers full refunds if they bought rockmelons imported from a grower implicated in a deadly outbreak of human listeriosis in Australia from any of its stores, it said in a letter addressed to shoppers.

This comes a day after the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said it had issued a recall of the rockmelons from two affected consignments that were sold in Singapore between Feb 12 and Mar 2. 

The rockmelons from these consignments were sold at Sheng Siong supermarket outlets and wet markets.

Sheng Siong said in the letter posted on its website on Tuesday (Mar 6) that it "voluntarily removed all Australian rockmelons from our shelves regardless of their growing origin in Australia" last Friday. This was done "as a matter of safety and precaution" as soon as it learnt about the outbreak in Australia, it said.

The melons were then replaced with a new batch of smaller rockmelons sourced from western Australia, the supermarket chain said. 

The affected large rockmelons weigh about 2kg each and retailed at S$6.99 to S$7.99 per piece, while the replacement rockmelons weigh about 1kg each and retail at S$2.65 to S$3.99 per piece. 

Sheng Siong urged customers who purchased the large rockmelons from any of its stores during the affected period not to consume the fruit and to dispose of it immediately. Customers can also return the product to any of its stores for a full refund, it said. 

"For those who may have consumed these rockmelons, please seek medical advice immediately if you do not feel well," it said. 

The smaller replacement rockmelons are not implicated in the recall, and there will be no refunds or exchanges provided for them. 

"These smaller rockmelons are not from the implicated source, and are assured by our suppliers to be safe," Sheng Siong said. 

Source: CNA/mz