Singapore Airlines flight forced to turn back to Changi after loss of cabin pressure

Singapore Airlines flight forced to turn back to Changi after loss of cabin pressure

sq336 flight turn back paris changi airport
Oxygen masks were deployed on flight SQ336 after a loss of cabin pressure. (Photo: Twitter/jcgrenoble)

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound for Paris was forced to turn back due to a loss of cabin pressure shortly after departing Changi Airport.

Flight SQ336 departed Singapore at 12.46am on Monday (Nov 19) and was originally scheduled to arrive in the French capital at 7.15am, Paris time (2.15pm, Singapore time).

According to flight tracking website Flightradar24, the plane climbed to 24,000ft about 15 minutes after take-off. It was over Malaysia when it turned back towards Singapore, and the plane descended to 6,000ft.

The plane had to circle in the air for about an hour to dump fuel before it could land, an SIA spokesperson said.

Oxygen masks were deployed "as a precaution" during the flight's descent, he said.

The flight eventually landed back at Changi Airport at around 2.30am. 

sq336 flightradar flight route
Screengrab of SQ336's route from flight tracking website Flightradar24.

After a change of aircraft, the flight took off again at 6am and is expected to land in Paris at 12.17pm (Paris time) - about five hours later than it was originally scheduled to arrive.

None of the passengers or crew members were injured, said the spokesperson. There were 234 passengers, including an infant, and 17 crew members on board.

According to Twitter user @jcgrenoble, who posted an image of oxygen masks deployed on the plane, the flight had to make an emergency landing following a "decompression incident".

According to his tweets, he was transferred to the Singapore Airlines flight after an Air France flight from Singapore to Paris was cancelled over "technical problems".

The Twitter user also posted a picture of a letter given to passengers of SQ336.

"We apologise for the delay to this flight. This is due to a technical issue," read the letter.

Source: CNA/nc(mn)