SICC looks to a new S$60 million clubhouse to replace soon-to-be-lost facilities

SICC looks to a new S$60 million clubhouse to replace soon-to-be-lost facilities

The move by the Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) comes in anticipation of it losing facilities following the expiry of leases at its Bukit location as well as Sime and Bukit golf courses.

SICC's new clubhouse

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) looks set to build a new S$60 million facility called the 5 Acre Woods Clubhouse by July 2020.

The move to build the new clubhouse is in anticipation of the expiry of leases for the land on which its current Bukit clubhouse sits, as well as the Sime Course in 2021, and the Bukit Course in 2030.

In February 2014, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) offered SICC a new lease for one of the two 18-hole courses at the Bukit location until 2030. The SLA indicated, however, that the other 18-hole course at the location would have to be run as a public course upon the expiry of its lease on Dec 31, 2021.

Bukit Town Club mock up plan 1

Architectural model of the new Bukit Town Club, or 5 Acre Woods Clubhouse at the Singapore Island Country Club.

The new Bukit clubhouse – said to cost an estimated S$60 million – will take up a gross floor area of about 12,000 square metres and feature smaller real estate for its tennis and squash facilities.

New Tennis court at Bukit Town Club

Tennis courts at the new Bukit Town Club in 2021.

According to an FAQ document issued to members, SICC has set aside capital expenditure of about S$130 million, of which less than S$60 million will be set aside for the proposed clubhouse while another S$60 million will be used for golf redevelopment once the SICC has a clearer picture of its land-use restrictions and lease renewal post-2021.

While the club has indicated that members will not be expected to co-pay for the construction of the new clubhouse, it is understood that other fees such as subscription fees, F&B pricing, car park, lifestyle and sports pricing will likely be increased.

Bukit Town Club artist's impression

Bukit Town Club artist's impression 2

Artist's impressions of the new Bukit Town Club, or 5 Acre Woods Clubhouse.

As it stands, some of these fees have already risen since December and will continue to be increased by the SICC in a bid to balance its books. A letter sent by the SICC's General Committee to its club members - which Channel NewsAsia has also seen - explained some of these increases, like the ones currently applied to monthly subscription fees, green fees and golf buggy fees, among others.

Bukit Town Club golf terrace

Bukit Town Club buggy

Bukit Town Club pool

Artist's impressions of facilities including the golf terrace, buggy drop-off and swimming pool.

The club looks set to continue its decision-making process on the construction of the new clubhouse, before members vote on the project by June this year. The tender for construction is expected to take place next year.

Responding to an email query by Channel NewsAsia, the SICC's Director of Marketing and Communications Cheang Sai Ming said: "This project is still in the development stage and not finalised. We are unable to comment further."

Bukit Town Club night

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